Fruits are precious food by nature that can help the body in different ways. Fruits contain different types of nutrients and are very affordable. Fruits have different types of nutrients, and each nutrition has its benefit.

Fruits are incredibly nourishing and convenient dietary choices. Packed with essential nutrients, they offer both versatility and affordability. Fresh fruits are easily transportable, and when in their natural, whole state, they often don’t necessitate refrigeration. The majority of fruits naturally possess low levels of fat, sodium, and calories, while serving as vital sources of nutrients like potassium, vitamins A and C, folate, and dietary fiber. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) advises adults to aim for a daily intake of “1.5–2 cup-equivalents of fruits,” with a focus on consuming mostly whole fruit.

Dietary fiber, different vitamins especially A, and much more. According to research, the fruit helps treat many health-related problems, like diabetes.

Fruits not only help to stop hunger but give many other benefits too.

There are many facts are present about different fruits. In this article, we will see the nutrition facts of fruits in detail and also how they are beneficial for health.

Fruits which gives calories

List of best fruits to treat health diseases:

These fruits give more nutrition than others and are helpful if you are suffering from a problem like diabetes:-

  • Apples:  It’s a fruit that is mostly suggested by doctors because one apple a day can protect you from many problems related to health. The fruit is full of insoluble and soluble fibers. It helps in managing the fluctuations of a blood sugar patient. People can eat it daily and whenever they want.
  • Black Jaumns: The black jamuns are not only good in taste but work magically in the human body. Patients who are suffering from diabetes use this fruit in a good amount to maintain their sugar level. You can also purchase them in a form of seeds.
  • Oranges: Oranges are a good source of vitamin C, folate, potassium, and much more. It helps the body fight many problems. It’s also helpful for glowing skin. It helps cells by protecting them from different kind of damage.  If someone has a weak stomach system, they can eat this fruit with other nutrition fruit salad. The ADA recommends this fruit to patients suffering from diabetes.
Nutrition Facts of Fruits chart
  • Guava: It’s a tropical fruit. Guava also comes in fruits that are good in taste. The fruit is good for heart health, makes the immune system stronger, and helps to make skin healthier and more beautiful. The fruit has a low score of GI, which helps to maintain the high amount of sugar in the block.
  • Watermelons:It’s a fruit that can fill the requirement of hydration in your body. It’s full of iron but does not contain much sugar. Prefer eating this fruit on summer days. The fruit also helps to balance the diabetes problem by reducing sugar levels in the blood. Don’t eat this in large amounts, only go for small pieces.
  • Papaya: The fruit acts as an antioxidant, and contains benefits for the skin and body. It also contain water. People with heart problems or diabetes can choose this fruit. If you search for nutrition facts of fruits, then you will see this fruit in most of the articles. It also protects nerves from damage.
  • Pineapples: t’s a fruit that works as an antioxidant. It help to maintains good digestion in body. It’s like a quick snack to eat any time. People also add this to their diets to maintain their weight. Many doctors also suggest this fruit for specific health issues. Avoid eating this in too much amount.
  • Pomegranates: The fruit with lots of benefits. It’s the king when it comes to choosing an antioxidant fruit. It protects people from radicals.  It’s a must-fruit to add to your nutrition fruit salad. The redness of the fruit tells many things about its benefits for the human body.

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Fruits to avoid as a diabetes patient:

fruits to avoid
  • High sugar: Fruits that contain a high amount of sugar, like bananas, can be a bad choice. Try to avoid foods whose GI score is between 70-100. It can increase the level of sugar in the body, which is harmful to a diabetic person.
  • High carbohydrates: Carbohydrates can have a huge impact on any person’s sugar level. Try to avoid foods that contain a high amount of carbohydrates. Research before eating any fruit, like apples, which only contain around 20 carbs, but bananas contain around 30.
  • Avoid juices: If you have a habit of drinking fruit juice with meals, it can increase the sugar in your body. A combination of fruit sugar and fiber creates more harmful sugar. People who consume fruit directly don’t face these types of problems compared with those who take fruit in juice form.
  • Check to package: If you order any fruit or food which is made of fruits like salad. Read all the information written on the packaging. Sometimes people add extra sugar or carbohydrates to it to make it easier. Try to eat fresh food straight from the market.

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How to use fruit in the right manner?

People sometimes just take the fruit out of the fridge and eat it directly, which can have a negative effect on the body. First, rinse all fruits in salt water after doing the shopping. After some time, wash the fruit properly in cold water. Cleaning fruits protect the body from dirt or chemicals.

Some fruits have short periods. Keep them in the fridge, and try to eat them fresh. If you want to get real nutrition from fruit, don’t add anything extra to it for flavor or do not do any kind of experiment with them.

How much fruit is good?

The eating cycle of fruits can be different for each person because it depends on their activities and the size of their body. 1.5-2 cups of fruit are good for adult women, and for men, it’s 2-2.5 cups. If you are someone who is suffering from problems like diabetes, then take a suggestion from a doctor. The doctor will suggest the amount of fruit according to your sugar level, and after analyzing everything in your body.


Fruit is essential for a person, but choosing the right fruit is also important if you are suffering from any kind of health issue. A person with diabetes can avoid foods like mango, banana, and lychee. Take advice from a doctor before start taking food. Fruit is a good source of nutrition because it can help in many ways if you take it in the right way.