early signs and symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes can be a problem in both men and women. But today, we will tell you about the early signs of diabetes in men. 

In today’s time, many men suffer from this problem due to poor lifestyles and diets. This is a disease where your body cannot make insulin properly or use insulin properly. In such a situation, the level of blood sugar in the body becomes unbalanced. 

Many symptoms appear when the level of sugar in the body is uncontrolled. If you recognize these symptoms on time and take necessary precautions related to their treatment and prevention, then you can control them.

Let us know in today’s article about the main symptoms of diabetes or sugar in men.

Early signs of diabetes in men
Early signs of diabetes in men

Early signs of diabetes in men Symptoms :

We are gonna list down the main signs or symptoms of pre-diabetic. Read carefully and if you find any please concert your doctor.

Feeling Extremely Tired

Your body will feel tired when the level of sugar in the body increases. Usually, a patient who has diabetes has to face the problem of frequent urination, and due to this, you may also feel tired. 

However the main reason for feeling seriously tired can be your blood sugar level being too high, and experts believe that this symptom of diabetes is visible in the patient at the very beginning. If you are also severely tired repeatedly, definitely get tested for diabetes.

Frequent Urination Problem

Men with diabetes may have problems with frequent urination. Drinking more water can lead to frequent urination, and apart from this, there are many such health conditions due to which you have to urinate several times a day. 

But if you have the problem of urinating every 2 hours at night, it should not be ignored. The issue of frequent urination is the most prominent sign of diabetes.

early sympotoms of diabetese
early symptoms of diabetes

Excessive Thirst

In the case of diabetes, you may feel thirsty again and again. It also happens that when you are dehydrated, you drink a lot of water, but after some time, your throat becomes dry again. 

It is considered a sign of diabetes. Due to increased blood sugar levels in the body, you may also feel thirsty again and again. Well, in diabetes, you should drink plenty of water.

Abscesses and Wounds

Due to the increase in the level of blood sugar in the body, you may have the problem of boils. 

If you have diabetes, you have wounds or abscesses that do not heal quickly. If you also see these symptoms, immediately after consulting the doctor, check your blood sugar.

Sudden Weight Loss 

Sudden weight loss is also one of the significant symptoms of diabetes. After having a problem with diabetes, despite eating a good diet, you can lose weight rapidly. 

You may have this problem due to the effect on the body’s organs due to diabetes.

Frequent Abdominal Pain 

In the problem of diabetes, the patient may also have the problem of frequent abdominal pain. This problem occurs due to the increase in blood sugar levels in the body. Gastroparesis is also known as recurring abdominal pain due to diabetes. Gastroparesis can occur in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. 

Gastroparesis can occur at any age. The problem of diabetes also affects the vagus nerve, which controls the stomach. Your digestion becomes weak due to damage to the vagus nerve. And food also stays in your body longer than necessary.

Apart from this, after suffering from diabetes, many types of symptoms appear in patients. At the beginning of diabetes, you may have weakness in your body, problems related to sleep, yeast infection, diseases related to urine, and many other issues.

Diabetes Prevention Tips :

The problem of diabetes is primarily due to the diet and lifestyle of the people. Apart from this, many other conditions and genetic factors are also responsible for the problem of diabetes. 

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You can make some changes in your diet and lifestyle to avoid diabetes and follow these things to prevent diabetes.

  • Eat a balanced and nutritious diet.
  • Be sure to check your blood sugar from time to time.
  • Make lifestyle changes.
  • Stay physically active and practice daily exercise or yoga.
  • Avoid harmful habits like smoking.
  • Don’t drink alcohol.
  • Take a good sleep every day. 
  • Avoid stress and depression.
  • Avoid consuming foods high in sugar and refined carbs in the diet. 
  • Control the weight and balance the diet as you gain weight.


By keeping these things mentioned above in mind, you can prevent the problem of diabetes. Keeping your blood sugar level checked from time to time will save you from falling prey to this problem. 

An unbalanced diet and a poor lifestyle are considered the main reasons for this problem. On seeing the symptoms of diabetes, immediately get checked and treated on the expert doctor’s advice.