Nuts Good for Diabetes Patients: Diabetes is a noncurable disease, but it can be managed with some precautions, the right diet, and medicines. A good diet plays an important role in managing the sugar level and improving the patient’s condition. A nutritional diet without eating much sugar is important for every diabetic patient.  Nuts contain lots of health benefits and can be a good source of nutrition.

Nuts can be a good snack for people with type 2 diabetes because they may help prevent heart disease, keep blood sugar controlled, and even aid weight loss

Experts suggest eating nuts to manage diabetes and also for good nutrition for the body. It also decreases the complication risk.

In this article, we will cover some best nuts that diabetes patients can add to their healthy lifestyle diet.

Best nuts for people with diabetes

Why nuts are good for diabetes?

Nuts contain some unsaturated fats which support the cells in the human body and also protect organs, like the heart. Most nuts contain good fat which is beneficial for the human body.  Nuts also contain a good amount of protein with nutrition.

Nutrition like fibre, vitamins, folate, thiamine, minerals, antioxidants, carotenoids, and phytosterols are present in nuts. All types of nuts are not good for diabetic patients, and that’s why finding the right one to add to a diet is also important.

5 best nuts for diabetes people

Names of the best five nuts good for diabetes patients:

These are the most beneficial nuts for diabetes patients than other ones:-

  • Almonds:

According to a study in 2011, including almonds in the diet for 12 weeks as a type 2 diabetes patient can decrease the sugar level and can also reduce the risk of having heart problems. The study in 2017 also gives similar results.

LDL cholesterol can block the arteries, and consuming almonds can make it level low. Almond increases the high-density lipoprotein, which saves arteries from LDL cholesterol blockage. It’s not only beneficial for diabetes patients but also for people with heart diseases.

  • Walnuts:

Walnuts contain a good amount of calories. It increases the HDL level rather than increasing LDL. It does not negatively affect the body. According to the research people who consume walnuts have a low risk of having diabetes compared to people who do not consume them.

If we talked about another benefit of walnuts, it also reduces the risk of having heart problems and also makes brain health stronger. It keeps people safe from many problems. It also does not have an impact on composition or body weight.

  • Cashews:

Cashews are one of the favourite nuts of vegetarians. It also increases the HDL to LDL cholesterol. The risk of having heart disease get decreased after eating this nut. According to a study many people with diabetes 2 prefer eating cashews.

Adding cashews to a diet is a good choice if you know how much amount is good for your body. It also does not affect the weight of a person or give any negative impact on the glucose level of blood. It will protect from many other health issues and can be used in some other beneficial dishes too.

  • Pistachios:

 The pistachios contain beneficial fats and fibre. It also helps to boost the energy of a person. People with type 2 diabetes can add this to their diet for four weeks and can see some visible results in their health. It makes HDL  cholesterol levels better than any normal diet can.

People who eat pistachios have lower triglyceride levels which can make heart health better. People with heart disease or any minor heart problem can also add this nut to their diet. Eat a limited amount of nuts because too much of anything is never good.

  • Peanuts:

Fibre and protein are essential things for the human body and nuts are a good source of them.  You may see people eating this nut usually in winter because it makes people stronger. It helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and also helps in losing fat.

Peanuts help to control the sugar level in the blood and help in weight loss which can give a huge impact on diabetes risk. People who have the risk of diabetes two usually eat this nut to reduce the risk of having the worst kind of diabetes.

nuts for diabetes patients

Benefits of eating nuts as a diabetes patient:

  • Controlled blood sugar: Not all nuts are good, but most of them are. These all five minutes which we discussed help you to manage your sugar level. If you are someone with type 2 diabetes,  it’s a good choice to balance your diet and sugar level with nuts.
  • Prevent heart diseases: people who suffer from diabetes, also suffer from heart problems. Nuts help in managing HDL cholesterol which prevents blockage. It keeps the heart safe from many diseases. Most th nuts are good for heart problems.
  • Wight loss: Nuts do not give harmful fat or sugar to the body. It helps to manage the weight of the person. Weight increases the risk of diabetes and makes diabetes more worst. People who are suffering from heavyweight problems add this to their diet and get the energy to do exercise without eating much.
  • Easy diet: You can eat nuts whenever you want like, as a snack. Adding these nuts to your diet is easy when you know how much amount is good for you. Nuts are easily available online and offline. You can also add this to your other foods or can make a good dish from it.
  • Healthy: Nuts contain good nutrition, protein, and fibres, They also have some none saturated fatty acids. They do not contain high carbohydrates which makes nuts better for diabetic patients. You can eat this at any time, but only in a limited amount.


Nuts are good for you if you are suffering from diabetes. You can ask your doctor about the right amount of nuts for you in one day so you can follow the proper diet. Purchase the best quality nuts to see their results in your body. Take advice from your doctor, and then start eating nuts in a proper manner, because experts know how nuts goanna work on your body.

Nuts Good for Diabetes Patients