Sugar Alternatives for Diabetics

by Vaishali

June 08, 2023

#1 Stevia: The Natural Sweetener

Learn about stevia, a natural sweetener that adds sweetness without calories.

#2 Monk Fruit: Nature's Sweet Gift

Explore monk fruit, a zero-calorie sweetener derived from a fruit native to Asia.

#3 Erythritol: Sweetness without the Guilt

Discover erythritol, a low-calorie sugar alcohol that provides sweetness without guilt.

#4 Xylitol: A Sweetener with Dental Benefits

Explore xylitol, a sweetener that not only satisfies cravings but also promotes dental health.

Enjoy the natural sweetness of coconut sugar derived from the sap of coconut palm.

#5 Coconut Sugar: A Natural Choice

#6 Agave Nectar: A Liquid Sweetness

Try agave nectar, a syrupy sweetener derived from the agave plant.

#7 Artificial Sweeteners: An Alternative Perspective

Consider artificial sweeteners as an alternative to sugar for your diabetic-friendly needs.

Incorporate sweeteners mindfully into a balanced diet for a satisfying yet healthy experience.

Experiment with a variety of sweeteners to find your favorites and enjoy guilt-free sweetness.

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